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In these incredibly changing times there are a multitude of transitions, learning, personal growth and changes happening on all levels, physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and heart. It's easy to feel confused, stuck, lost or unsure of how your future will look, where you are going or what to do next. Some may be dealing with health issues and dis-ease, or feeling alot of pain, loss, and hurt. Some may also be experiencing very intense excitement, happiness, or pure joy. There are numerous experiences and circumstances being presented in which humans, animals, and nature are feeling the effects of these rapidly changing times.


At Kaleidescapes Of Light, I, Karri Ann, work in concert with the many Divine Creators and you. Together, teaching you how to eliminate beliefs that support illness, integrate guidance, new choices or solutions, find balance, harmony, comfort, and clarity. Ultimately, empowering you to navigate peacefully through these incredibly changing times.


Karri Ann is the Owner and "Soul Founder" of Kaleidescapes Of Light, offering a "Kaleidoscope" of options for "Healing With The Higher Dimensions" for everyone of all ages and abilities. The choices within our website are beneficial for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced lightworker, healer, and seeker of "something more" for this life journey or beyond. Each experience is unique to the individual, transforming and empowering on many levels. The information listed on this Home Page are specialty options, but there are additional choices on other pages, so please visit the buttons along the side of the page or the tool bar across the top of the page for more options, details, and information. Most readings or healings are available in-person, remote / distant, phone, or email.


Angel Readings, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, and Psychic Medium.


Karri Ann is an Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Medium, certified by Doreen Virtue PhD, offering Angel Readings and Healing and Psychic Medium Readings, also known as Mediumship. Being a Spiritual Reader / Healer, her Spiritual Healing / Intuitive gifts combined with Angel Therapy Practitioner® methods and training, provide a direct route to the core of issues or problems, revealing precise solutions, while opening one to new energy channels and opportunities. The Angel Readings offer personalized, accurate guidance, information, and communications which may involve the past, present, and future.


A Medium (Spiritual Medium, online medium, clairvoyant medium, psychic medium) acts as a connection or a conduit between this physical world and that of Spirit. Psychic Medium Readings or a Mediumship experience may provide comfort and healing from the knowledge that your loved ones: family members, friends, acquaintances, and pets (who to some are our spiritual companions), still live on. They live on in the Spirit World, as energy, while the relationship merely changes form. The Psychic Medium Reading may provide the opportunity for the spirit and the loved ones still here on earth to settle any unfinished business or bring closure to the experience. Some people may feel a presence, hear messages, or see energies as ghosts, spirits, or apparitions. For more detailed information, please see these specific pages within this website.


Animal Healing, Animal Readings and Crystal Healing Therapy.


Animals, like humans, may need assistance, help, and support during their lifetimes. It is our goal and intention to help and assist All animals to experience the balanced, harmonized, and peaceful nature that is intended for their well-being, existence, and transitional periods. Animal Readings and Animal Healing sessions are dedicated to enhancing the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical state of each animal, while offering many wonderful benefits and support on all levels. Animal education and awareness is just one way to enhance the quality of life and the relationships involved for both animals, spirits, and human companions while living, during transition, and once crossed over. Animal Readings or Animal Healing Sessions do not require a crisis situation in order to be administered.


Crystal Healing Therapy is provided by Karri Ann, Master Of Crystology, certified under the Methods, Principles, & Training Of Melody. The earth is home to amazing Crystal Healing Stones holding within them profound Crystal Healing Properties that provide a truly wonderful Crystal Healing experience no matter what level of consciousness.


This type of natural healing incorporates crystal healing stones with their crystal healing properties and the crystal's universal vibratory energies and light force. Crystal Reading sessions can offer insight to specific crystals and how to use their properties to assist people, animals, and the earth at this time, along the journey and beyond. The Crystal Healing Therapy System reflects & initiates healing, facilitates awareness, releases unconscious behavior patterns connected to blocked emotions and energies contributing to illness and dysfunction in the body, mind, spirit, and heart. Crystal Healing Therapy Sessions can also assist with integration of new choices, ways of living, expanding higher consciousness, and connecting to the Divine Inner Spirit at a much deeper level. For more detailed information, please see these specific pages within this website.


Magical Fairy Realms and Elementals


The Fairy section of our website is available to those interested in reconnecting to their free spirited, playful, child-like, inner selves, that may have been lost or buried within all the responsibilities and routines of daily life. Here you can choose to spark your imagination, escape reality for a moment and enter into the enchanted world of the Magical Fairy Realms (also known as Faery or Fae) and the Elementals Dimension. This journey provides an opportunity to experience the Elementals and Fairy Readings, Fairy Healing, Fairy Inspirations, enchantment, fantasy, and so much more! Embark upon this educational and magical fun-filled journey and allow yourself to feel the freedom and joy you once felt as a child. Feel your heart open to wonder and amazement and reconnect with your inner child and creative gifts.


So, just click the Fairy button on the left side of the page and start finding your bliss today within the Magical Fairy Realms and Elementals Realms, where all things are possible!




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