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Karri Ann is a Certified Kahuna Arch Healing Practitioner


Karri Ann is a Certified Native Touch Rainbow Rays Practitioner






~ 30 minutes ~ 1-hour ~ Longer By Request
In-Person or Distant / Remote

Facilitates and assists the client in removing blockages that stop them from allowing healing to take place on Unconscious, Conscious and Divine Conscious levels. Kahuna ARCH Healing is an amazing form of vibrational medicine that has the capacity to heal instantaneously! Through hands-on or distant healing ARCH sends all of the frequencies of life force energy. It heals on the subconscious and conscious levels, and on the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional levels. Because ARCH contains all frequencies it can work on any dis-ease.




30 minutes ~ 1-hour ~ Longer By Request
In-Person or Distant / Remote


Native Touch Rainbow Rays has the same core structure as the ARCH Healing method and encompasses all frequencies, colors, and energies of Divine Source Essence along with Ancestral energy. This natural method of energy balancing is effective in removing blockages which stop healing and renews the body's ability to heal itself via a return to harmony and works on all levels. Stress reduction and relaxation are additional benefits.