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Karri Ann is a Certified Egyptian Healing Practitioner





30 minutes ~ 1-hour ~ Longer By Request
In-Person or Distant / Remote

This Ancient Egyptian, Pre-Dynastic Healing Modality utilizes rods which were used by the Pharaoh's and Priests/Priestesses of Ancient Egypt for healing and manifestation, based on secret Egyptian Mystery School texts, created and researched by Russian Scientists in a Russian Pyramid.

Experience a Remarkable Energy Technology that:


Stimulates Physical Healing Enhances Immune System
Relieves Pain Strengthens the Bio-Field
Reduces Stress & Emotional Distress Improves Vitality
Balances All Meridians and Chakras Deepens Meditation
Enhances Psychic Abilities Harmonizes Couples

... and Much More!


Individual ~ Group Healing ~ Circles ~ Workshops Available.

A Limited Number of Egyptian Healing Rods
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