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Karri Ann is a Master Of Crystology


Methods, Principles, & Training By Melody,
Laying-On-Of-Hands, Laying-On-Of-Stones.





~ 30 minutes ~ 1-hour ~ Longer By Request
In-Person ~Phone ~ Email

This type of natural healing incorporates crystals, stones, and their universal vibratory energies and light force. The Crystal Healing System reflects & initiates healing, facilitates awareness, releases unconscious behavior patterns connected to blocked emotions and energies, contributing to illness and dysfunction in the body, mind, spirit, and heart. Crystal Healing assists one in expanding the higher consciousness and connecting on a deeper level to the Divine Inner Spirit.


Crystals can help in a multitude of life areas and beyond, for example:


~ Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, and Financial Health
~ Crystals Can Amplify Your Romantic Life
~ Help Improve Sleep Patterns
~ Assist One In Feeling Happy and Peaceful
~ Crystal Healing Can Reduce Stress
~ Increase Clarity
~ Improve Vitality
~ Balance Meridians
~ Deepen Meditation
~ Expand Psychic Abilities
~ & The List Goes On!

The term Crystal Therapy refers to working with crystals and their live energy and voice in conjunction with Divine energy. Crystal Therapy helps you to better hear, feel, and know the voice of Spirit during your healing sessions. Crystals work especially well when assisting you in healing or helping you communicate with your guardian angels. Since Crystal Therapy is an intuitive healing process, it's normal for psychic ability to increase as you work with the stones. Crystal Sessions are specific to individual healing needs, goals, and intentions.

Crystal Healing Therapy may be experienced individually or in groups, in-person or distantly. 1-hour healing sessions or longer are recommended, however, 30 minute sessions have shown wonderful results.




~ 30 minutes ~ 1-hour ~ Longer By Request
In-Person ~Phone ~ Email


A crystal reading can offer a variety of experiences, but always that which is in the highest good and best interests of the person at that moment. Each reading and experience is personal and specific to the individual.


A Crystal Reading May:

~ Create a field of energetic resonance allowing one to raise awareness to current and
    future life issues
~ Offer healing through the application of crystal energies
~ Offer insight
~ Reveal blockages
~ Assist the creation of a personal and spiritual growth path
~ Help one discover information from past lives and how these lives are affecting a
    present incarnation
~ Reveal Guidance for the next steps in your life and how to change this predicted
    future, if you wish to ~ or enhance the prophecy if you really want it to happen.
~ Provide Affirmations, Meditations, & Exercises for Personal Growth
~ Offer the Opportunity to connect with your Crystal and Elemental Guides

~ The Possibilities Are Endless!



30 minutes ~ 1-hour ~ Longer By Request
In-Person or Distant/Remotely


A relaxing healing technique providing many benefits such as assisting in neutralizing negative energy, healing trauma, releasing emotions, and moving repression. This method involves a gentle and very effective pulsing on specific points on the body. Pulsing penetrates the blockages in our system and begins to facilitate the opening of these energetic blocks. Crystals or stones are used during this process and is the "laying-on-of-hands, laying-on-of-stones" technique by Melody. This method brings us into our heart, into a place of harmony, oneness, and a love of self and others.



Crystals are very powerful healing tools, and can be used to complement one's own natural spiritual healing power and capabilities. Crystals are gifts from Gaia, the spirit of our planet, to amplify the power of light and love. They can complement any type of healing work. Crystals are filled with energy , and are conduits of energy. Crystals amplify their own energy, as well as the Divine universal energy that has different names, including spirit, chi, qi, prana, Light and Love, and Reiki, and so on. As the world speeds up, it's natural to want to slow down and ground, well crystals can help you do both. They can help one to understand all the new world energies by opening spiritual channels, while also reconnecting to Mother Earth.


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