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Karri Ann is a Certified Past Life Healer,
Certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD.




Have you ever had Deja Vu moments?


Ever Felt as if you had been somewhere ~ known someone ~ just knew things, not


knowing how or why? But yet experience an intense familiarity?


Have you ever wondered who you were or what you did in past lives?


Or wondered why you are the way you are?




This may be information or experiences coming forward from a past life. While it is not necessary to believe in past lives or reincarnation, it is still possible to receive healing from various past life healing experiences, such as past life regressions, past life progressions, and past life readings.

It is believed that past-life regressions and progressions can lead to physical and emotional healing,
especially in relieving and healing phobias, releasing negative life patterns and emotional blocks, healing physical trauma, and treating illnesses which don't respond to traditional treatment. In addition, these may also offer insight to assist with moving through blockages and even to bring awareness to underlying gifts and talents.

Past life progressions and regressions may also be experienced to uncover hidden secrets about your life's purpose, relationships, health, and more. You'll also begin to understand and have the opportunity to heal the origins of unhealthful life patterns or behaviors.

If you have been drawn to this specific healing page, then you are most likely needing to discover information or learn about your personal history and the people connected to you, for specific purposes in this lifetime. You may require this information to move through blockages now and also to help you in your future experiences and along your life path.