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~ 30 minutes ~ 1-hour ~ Longer By Request.
In-Person ~ Phone ~ Email


These readings may include Goddess Cards, direct interaction, communication, and guidance from various spirit helpers and the Goddesses themselves. Readings provide personal, in-depth information, guidance, direction and other specific requests, based upon the highest good of each person at that particular moment. Goddess Readings include a variety of benefits and are offered individually or in small groups.




~ 30 minutes ~ 1-hour ~ Longer By Request.
In-Person ~ Phone ~ Email ~ Distant / Remote


These healing sessions allow one to receive the specific Goddess, Deity, or Master's energy chosen, in combination with guided healing tools and techniques. Thus, complementing and enhancing the healing intentions and goals which allows you to enjoy a perfect and complete, relaxed healing experience.

Attunement & Certification Not Included




Vary in length ~ 30 minutes
In-Person ~ Phone ~ Distant / Remote


The Attunement process provides a deep, personal connection into the chosen Goddess, Deity, or Ascended Master's vibration and frequency of energy (see list below). Thus, providing a much deeper healing experience than if just calling upon the Being of choice. During the Attunement process specific individual intentions may be offered to the Divine Beings as guided. Soul Growth, expanding conscious awareness, and strengthening personal Divine Healing Powers, and many other benefits may be experienced during this unique and heightened level of healing.

The Attunement you feel most drawn to is likely the area in your life that needs the most attention, at that specific moment. So if you are trying to select the most perfect attunement at this time, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, relax into your heart center and feel which one or ones call to you.

Goddess Attunement with Certification includes the Attunement description above and provides information and educational components to enable you to perform Attunements and Certifications for others. This will allow you to continue spreading love and healing gifts to others.


Attunements Vary In Pricing

Certifications Are Provided For An Additional Fee


See Descriptions For Details And Pricing


Goddess Attunements & Certifications Offered At This Time:

(Please Check Back Often For New Offerings!)

Silver Violet Flame Lavender Flame Of Kuan Yin
Abundantia Abundance Ray Divine Love Of Shekina
Fortuna Luck Ray Freyja Marriage Ray
Goddess Brigit Attunement Athena Wisdom Ray
Ganesh Empowerment Lakshmi Empowerment





This Flame is part of the Violet Flame of Ascended Master St. Germain and it is a cleansing Light. Silver Violet Flame is one of the three vibrations which come from Violet Flame. Ascended Master St. Germain was in charge of Violet Flame, and as the time shifts he added silver to the Violet Flame. This light is also managed by Archangel Zadkiel. It can clear any negative energy on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and soul level. It also clears karma, trauma, chakras, and aura.

(Additional details and information will be provided with the Attunement.)


Kuan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion.
Lavender Flame of Kuan Yin is considered a part of the Violet Flame, yet softer in vibration. This vibration can cleanse all negative energy and transform it into the Light, bringing Peace, Safety, and Compassion. Lavender Flame fills our heart with love and helps us to heal any trauma from the past. It teaches us to honor and love ourselves, while also helping to heal from anger, grief, and other emotions, thus setting you free from the past.

(Additional details and information will be provided with the Attunement.)



Abundantia is the powerful Goddess of Abundance, Luck, and Prosperity. She helps us to fully open to receive. Abundantia has great beauty and purity and is very patient, loving and kind. Abundantia also helps us gain our confidence to pursue our dreams and achieve our goals. She is also a protector of wealth, investment, and savings. Her name was used on Roman coins to signify her power. She will make all your constructive dreams and desires manifest whenever you ask for her support. She will help you to transform lower levels of consciousness and guide you to the higher path of abundance and prosperity.

(Additional details and information will be provided with the Attunement.)



Shekina is an Angel of unity and unconditional love, liberation and freedom, and helps to inspire us to be just and fair. She helps us bring more healing, balance and harmony to our heart, body, mind, and spirit. Some believe she is the female part of the Creator. She is always close to human kind, never separate from us. Angel Shekinah is the glory emanating from God.

(Additional details and information will be provided with the Attunement.)



Fortuna is the Roman Goddess of fortune, fate, blessings, luck and fertility. The Fortuna Luck Ray will be beneficial to anyone wishing to turn themselves into "Lady Luck". Call upon Fortuna Luck Ray when you need to be really lucky. To certain people of her choice, she bestowed large fortunes. However, on those that had fallen from her grace she bestowed poverty. Receiving Fortuna Luck Ray,(and the constructive nature of your intentions) will ensure that she brings only good fortune and luck to your life.

(Additional details and information will be provided with the Attunement.)



Freyja is the Nordic ruler of love and marriage, the Goddess of love, sexuality, magic, and beauty. The Freyja Marriage Ray will connect you to her energy and will bring much improvement to your marriage and love life. However, Freyja is a very strong and independant Goddess who does not submit to anyone or anything at anytime. Freyja is the Goddess for strong independent women and shows them how to tackle the oppression they may encounter and to be in charge of their lives and reach their potential. For men she brings balance to their pathways, empowering them through this balance to also reach their full potential. She brings multitudes of blessings to her followers and can make you work for your goals, but the rewards are deep.

(Additional details and information will be provided with the Attunement.)


Brigit is a warrior Goddess who has a perfect balance of femininity and non-apologies power. She is a female equivalent of Archangel Michael, fiercely protecting and lovingly clearing those who call upon her. She inspires Divine Guidance and prophetic information. Brigit is a Sun Goddess associated with fire, who uses her flames to help us purify, increase fertility, creativity, and promote healing. She helps us with courage, life purpose, and finding direction. She is a powerful protector and brings warmth into relationships, body, and the environment.

(Additional details and information will be provided with the Attunement.)



Athena is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, letting you see the real intentions of others who may be taking advantage of you. She will help you understand the greater perspective and see things for what they really are. According to mythology, Athena was the favorite daughter of Zeus (Jupiter). She represents the intellectual and civilized side of war, not so much a fighter but a wise and prudent advisor. You can also call upon her for resolving disputes and for protection. In addition, Athena helps with creative projects such as writing, arts, and crafts.

(Additional details and information will be provided with the Attunement.)


Ganesh is an elephant-headed deity who removes obstacles for anyone who asks for help. He is the Hindu God of Prosperity and Wisdom. He assists with writing and art projects. Ganesh is extremely loving, sweet, polite, and gentle, yet also very strong. He is large enough to blaze trails ahead of you so that your path is clear, but he is also filled with love and sweetness. He is called the "Remover Of Obstacles" because he moves any blocks that could stand in his path. Ganesh immediately comes to those who call upon him.

(Additional details and information will be provided with the Attunement.)



Lakshmi is a beautiful golden skinned moon Goddess of Prosperity, associated with lotus flowers and good fortune, bringing blessings of abundance to everyone. She represents beauty, generosity, and true happiness. Because Lakshmi's true mission is to bring eternal happiness to Earth, she helps us find meaningful careers that bring about handsome rewards. Lakshmi knows that wealth itself isn't enough to create lasting happiness and it must be accompanied by spirituality and accomplishment. Lakshmi works with Ganesh, the elephant-headed Deity who's known as the "over-comer of obstacles". Together they are an unstoppable team that works to help you release fear and accept abundance.


(Additional details and information will be provided with the Attunement.)