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KarriAnn is a Medium, Trained & Certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD



Have you ever felt you didn't say everything you needed to say Or use the
right words, prior to a loved one passing or crossing over?

Have you ever felt "something" near you or in your space,
but cannot see who or what it is?
Have you ever felt a touch and turn around and no one was there?


Well, you have probably been experiencing Spirit Communication. Most of us have lost a loved one at some time in our life, whether a person or an animal. For those who have not, this information and healing experience may connect you to other helpful beings beyond the veil, such as your Guides or Spirit Helpers.

What Is A Medium?


A Medium acts as a connection or a conduit between this physical world and that of Spirit. Rather like a "middleman". A Medium receives information from the "other side", from the Spirit World.


For many, a Mediumship experience may provide comfort and healing from the knowledge that your loved ones: family members, friends, acquaintances, and pets (who to some are our spiritual companions), still live on. They live on in the Spirit World, as energy. The relationship merely changes form.


Mediumship can assist one in the process of bereavement, which is an important and natural part of accepting and coming to terms with a loss.


For Example:


~ Mediumship may offer the ability to resolve longstanding resentments. This may be
    especially true in the case of abuse survivors, with the abuser being deceased.
~ To complete unfinished business, both by the deceased and the living.
~ To lose the fear of physical death.
~ To know the loved one is safe or OK.
~ Healing Grief, Anger, Un-Forgiveness, Resentments and so on.
~ When we have conversations with our deceased loved ones, we help them ease their
    souls and bring peace to ourselves.

Our deceased loved ones will deliver messages to us in many different forms. Mostly to tell us they are safe and happy. Also, to offer guidance or to help us along our personal journeys.


Many of our deceased loved ones often function as Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides. Two of the most common forms of messages from those on the "Other-Side" are dreams and smells. Deceased loved ones often enter our dreams to give us healing messages, and smells are also another very common way in which spirits choose to connect with us.


Some Additional Ways Spirits Make Contact:


~ Feeling The Presence Of Your Loved Ones
~ Synchronistic Events
~ Electricity ~flickering lights, television, computer, and cell phone issues etc.
~ Finding Pennies From Heaven
~ Nature Forms ~ such as butterflies, trees, flowers, birds, water, insects, rainbows, or
    some other animal or nature form or symbol
~ Numbers
~ Missing Items


There are many other ways in which Spirits attempt to connect with us.

The key is to be open and receptive to this communication from beyond.