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Karri Ann is a Certified Past Life Healer,
Certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD.



Space Clearing is a very effective technique for private or public spaces, homes, businesses, properties, and any other types of spaces. All clearings may be successfully performed in-person or distantly / remotely.

Through the ages, different cultures have utilized a variety of methods to clear spaces. All having very profound results. We can provide assistance with both physical and energetic space clearing.


A Space May Need Clearing If:

~ If there has been an illness in the home
~ If there has been an argument in the home
~ If there were previous owners in the home
~ If there are frequent visitors in the home
~ If there is or was substance abuse in the home
~ If the occupants intend to manifest "New" into their lives
~ If it just feels needed, heavy, or dense
~ & Many other factors


Everything is made of energy, so everything will also be affected by, and respond to energy. Since, people and animals are very receptive to energies, the varying degrees of energy flow in a space may directly affect productivity, creativity, moods, compatibility, the energy levels of the occupants, and much more.


Energy Within A Space:


~ May feel good, light, or comfortable , creating a desire to stay.
~ May feel heavy, dense, or sticky, creating a desire to leave.
~ May become stagnant or "stuck", which is unhealthy.
~ May become cluttered with items & will create blockages.
~ May contribute to how people and animals behave or interact.


Spaces are also subject to occupants who are considered earthbound spirits or "other-worldly" beings. Different parts of the world refer to these energies as imprints, ghosts, entities, apparitions and so forth. Some of these types of earthbound spirits or energies may be deceased loved ones, friends, family, pets or even people or animals unknown to the occupants of the space. In some cases, the energies will go unnoticed, while in other instances the energies may become disruptive and destructive. In either case, it is in the highest good of all involved to clear the space.


Space Clearing Helps Earthbound Energies:

~ To come to terms with their state of existence
~ To become unstuck in the earthly plane
~ To move into the light
~ To finally find peace and go home


Thus resulting in a "new" , peaceful, free- feeling space, allowing the occupants to live and move freely and openly.

Space Clearing in the physical sense is also important. If a space has alot of clutter, such as "to do" piles or sections, books, magazines, newspapers, clothes, etc. that continues to accumulate, the clutter will affect the energy of the space, as well as the occupants and even their health status. Clutter can become very destructive to the human and animal spirit, including but not limited to the effects already previously mentioned.
Animal occupants within spaces are greatly affected by, and respond to the energies within spaces, just as people respond to energies. Clearing the space can elevate the animal's spirit, health, and energy levels, thus creating a more peaceful existence for all.
If you would like to feel better in your space, as well as in your life, beginning with a space clearing is a great way to start some new movement and get that "breath of fresh air"!

If you are unsure if your space is in need of a clearing, please contact us and we will be happy to assess your situation and offer you guidance to help you decide. In most cases if you are unsure, this a very reliable sign the space is in need of clearing.