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Custom Flower Essence Formulas & Designed by KarriAnn with Kaleidescapes Of Light Purchasing a Custom Flower Essence Formula Designed by Karri Ann, allows one to experience specific Flower Essences individually or in combination with other complementary essences. Custom mixes are personalized for individual health concerns, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual concerns, needs, goals, intentions and so much more...


What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are a wonderful gift of nature, completely natural with no involuntary chemical interactions or side effects. They work directly with our electrical systems, not our minds, offering healing information about a vast array of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual concerns. Flower Essences offer the same energetic qualities and healing benefits to our beloved animal companions, as they do for us humans.


How Does This Work?

Each flower in creation must solve specific environmental and survival concerns it encounters within its eco-system. For example, seasonal changes, or severe temperature and precipitation variations. Though the challenges are many, the adjustments made by plants & ultimately flowers, become embedded within their "roadmaps" and cellular structures, including their energetic vibrations, thus ensuring their adaptation, survival, and evolution.


Our electrical systems read the Flower Essence data similar to how we would read a roadmap. When our electrical systems recognize that a Flower Essence has the problem solving qualities it requires for specific purposes or needs, our electrical systems begin to copy and use this electrical information to offer assistance and problem solving on all levels: mental~emotional~physical~spiritual~heart.


Whether our energetic systems reflect balance and harmony or electrical tangles, there appears to be a Flower that has shown to successfully address any "tangle" we could encounter. Flower Essences' electrical information helps our systems to "de-tangle", thus helping to prevent any long-term interruptions in energetic flow, ultimately impacting our physical bodies.


Animals &Flower Essences

Animals welcome and receive wonderful benefits from Flower Essences. Animals, plants, and flowers experience similar, and at times the same challenges as humans. Wild animals are able to seek out specific flowers to heal and learn from their electrical patterning. Domestic animals however, do not have the same ability to seek out this assistance, thus needing to acquire this information in different ways. For example, animals are able to recognize the healing qualities of Flower Essences and know how to use them. They make adjustments for health and energetic harmony by copying electrical information from the specific flower(s) that matches its needs. The animal's electrical systems determine which flower essences it needs based upon reading the electrical "roadmaps" of the essences.


Animals are very sensitive to energy. They are like energy sponges, absorbing, reacting, and being greatly affected by every energy they encounter during their lifetimes. For example, lower vibrational energies such as anxiety, anger, fear, and even electrical dissonance created by electronic devices, or their human environment can result in animals feeling anxious, unbalanced, tired, even ill. Even excessive excited energy can result in an imbalance in animals. The constructive and evolved electrical "roadmaps" of Flower Essences can help the animals experience a life of harmony, balance, health, happiness, freedom, and overall well-being.


Benefits For Humans & Animals:

This list is endless and ever-expanding, as are the benefits. New Flower Essences continue to reveal themselves all the time. If you have questions or unsure about a specific issue, condition, problem or concern, whether for you or your beloved animal companions, please feel free to ask Karri Ann how the use of Flower Essences may be of benefit.


~ Overcome Addictions • Dis-Ease & Disease

~ Abandonment & Abuse • Injury & Recovery

~ Excessive Behaviors • Outbursts

~ Loss • Separation • Jealousy • Anxiety

~ Stress • Sleep • Vitality • Immune System • Incontinence

~ Weight Loss • Digestive Issues • Allergies • Skin Conditions

~ Emergency Situations • Transitions • Deatha

~ Senior Citizen Issues~(Animals & Humans)

~ Release Patterns • Behaviors • Belief Systems

~ Finance & Career • Love & Relationship Issues

~ Aligning To Your Truth With Integrity

~ Strengthen Your Life Force • Confidence • Self-Esteem

~ Deepen Your Soul Connection

~ Open To Your Life Purpose • Find Your Bliss

~ Receive & Integrate NEW Energy • Vibration • Frequency

~ Spiritual Growth • Embrace & Navigate Change

~ Clarity & Guidance • Focus & Vision


The benefits are truly infinite & encompass many more!


~ No Toxicity

~ No Interactions or Side Effects

~ No Alcohol or Chemical Stabilizers


Flower Essence Formulas DO NOT Replace or Substitute Veterinary / Medical Treatment or Care